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Thank You Note - Edisto Beach Portraits July 30 2008, 0 Comments

Thanks so very much for working with my family….and the dogs…and the cat! We are enjoying looking at the photos and choosing the favorites. We will have an order together soon but I did want to tell you now how much we appreciate you. That evening was fun… not at all the stressful family photo thing some were dreading and it was due to your creativity and your playful spirit. Thank you again! Lori, for all of us.

Thank you Note - Charleston Wedding May 24 2008, 0 Comments


I just wanted to let you know that I received the album a couple of days ago and just unboxed it this morning, swaddled like a new-born babe. It’s beautiful !!! And the engraving is correct and positioned on the inside of the hard front cover instead of on a paper page like I thought, which is good. Thanks so much for all your trouble. As I said, I’ll give Colin & Andrena the chance to swap with me if they like this one as well because of the engraved names and date. I’ll probably be ordering a print or two to display in frames as soon as I get a chance to decide.

Thanks again, and a Happy & Prosperous New Year to you!


Kiawah Wedding - The Sandcastle May 24 2008, 0 Comments


Kit and I just want to thank you so much for the amazing work you did
on our wedding photos. Wow! We were truly astounded at your eye for
detail, thoroughness, and just plain beautiful camera work. We
completely trusted you would, but we just want to thank you for flat
out delivering the goods on the most important day in our lives. Kudos
to you, the finest wedding photographer on the planet.

All our best,
Brad & Kit

Wedding Album Thank You May 24 2008, 0 Comments


The album is absolutely amazing!!! Thank you so very much. My parents were so thrilled with the final product and my friends are wishing they had something this special from their weddings. We love it….every single page is awesome. Thanks again!


Kiawah Island Wedding - The Sanctuary May 24 2008, 0 Comments


Thank you SO much for everything on our wedding day! You made us feel very comfortable and relaxed and we enjoyed every moment. We are back home (and back to work – yuck!) and settling in to “married life”. It was a pleasure meeting you and we look forward to seeing the pictures.

All our best,
Amanda & Alex

Beach Portrait at Seabrook Island May 24 2008, 0 Comments

Hello Wellinghoff Family – I wanted say a special thank you for providing me the opportunity to photograph your family portrait. I was so happy to hear it was fun exploring Seabrook Island and seeing the diversity it has for generating beautiful photographs. You can go from some of the corridors of the boardwalks, under the tree canopies, or along the beach and near the dunes and produce prints that have mood. An email was sent which has the instructions for accessing your portrait proofs. Talk to you soon!

Kiawah Architectural Photography March 13 2008, 0 Comments

Good morning Dan,

Just wanted to take a minute and let you know that I got your voice
mail yesterday. I will call you as soon as possible this afternoon.
Let me tell you..Judy and yourself really did a nice job.
There are several pictures that turned out really well.
So, thank you.

Also, Dan, I might have another house for you to shoot.

I will be in touch.
Thanks, again

Kiawah Portrait Thank You Note March 13 2008, 0 Comments

Dear Dan -Sorry it has taken so long to get back to you. Our home here in Charlotte went on the market today and we were a tad busy removing our neighbor’s fallen tree from our front yard. Got the package the same day I got your phone call. They ARE a hoot!!!! Joe (who has not seen any of this at all) loves them !!! Will be in touch soon about ordering other photos from you. Thanx again. Sue

Byrd Builders March 05 2008, 0 Comments

Thank you so much Matt for the positive feedback in regard to the architectural shoot on Kiawah. We are ready to finish the interior photographs and are awaiting the for the amenities to be complete.

The requested scaffolding will be able to come down March 6. Your photo shoot will be finished on March 7 and ready for guests. Thanks again Matt for the opportunity to photograph your beautiful Kiawah home.

Jeff and Becky March 04 2008, 0 Comments

It was hard to believe we had such perfect weather for portrait photography in the middle of the winter. It was nice to be able spend time on both Seabrook and Kiawah Island setting up those perfect shots. If you need any more photos for your website please send me a quick email.