Portrait Questions:

How do I book a portrait?

Reserve a photo session by selecting a Portrait Service, Date and Time. Click on Add To Cart button to complete payment and reservation process. Your shoot time will automatically be secured on the scheduling calendar. 

A confirmation email that includes a mobile number will be sent. Please add number to your contacts. You will be welcome to communicate with me via text or phone call.

What is your portrait cancellation policy?

Any photography service can be canceled for a 100% refund up to 48 hours prior to scheduled appointment. Canceling appointment 48 hours or less before appointment will incur a $49 Cancellation Fee. If photography service is canceled due to rain and can not be rescheduled, then a full refund will be issued.

What are the best portrait times?

Seasonal Recommended Times:

  • Summer: 7-10AM or 5-7:00PM
  • Fall / Winter: 1-3PM
  • Spring: 8AM-4PM

I can produce a great portrait anytime of day. However, not all subject/s can tolerate the brighter midday light or heat. If your eyes are not sensitive to light, a beautiful midday beach portrait can be produced.

Families with small children often prefer the morning time because it works better with their schedules and leaves the rest of their day free.

If you are open to other locations than beach, the recommended summer time ranges can be expanded. Th

For fall or winter portraits, I recommend scheduling a midday session because color renders better towards the middle of the day. The temperature is also moderate which makes for a happier subject. The sun is further south in the sky which reduces the intensity of the light. Sensitives eyes will also be more tolerant to midday light. Shooting during these hours also helps avoid the heavy orange cast of autumn, evening light.

What clothing should I wear?

Personally, I like incorporating bright colors that harmonize among the groupStay away from drab or dark colors. Some families opt to dress in the same style outfits but it isn't required.

Remember the beach is a windy and hot place. Wearing clothing that is comfortable for posing in these conditions makes everyone a happier subject. Pick shoes that make sense for the beach. Dress loafers and socks look off in a beach portrait and saltwater will easily ruin leather shoes. Flip flops or Crocs work great!

Men wearing long sleeve, button down shirts generally leads to lots of sweat spots and an uncomfortable person. I highly recommend golf shirts. They have bright vivid colors and are comfortable for summer days. For ladies, some types of thin fabric dresses do not work well. Wind can blow fabric close to skin which looks revealing and requires retouching. Try to select outfits that will leave you flexible and comfortable for different poses and settings.

Solid color clothing is easier to retouch than patterns.

Do you have other portrait tips?

Avoid moisturizers before the shoot. Lighting does not highlight dry skin but is does emphasize oily. Consider bringing a small cloth or napkin for blotting skin. South Carolina is hot and humid, avoid wearing clothes that will make you feel overheated. You will photograph much better if your skin and clothing are not covered in sweat. This will also help you avoid any additional retouching charges.

Be careful with make-up that drastically changes skin color like bronzers. Digital cameras are very sensitive to color. These enhancements will appear exaggerated and obvious.

Most girls love to wear their hair down. The beach is a less than friendly place for long hair. Additional retouching charges maybe required to fix complex hair problems. Generally, this occurs when an excellent moment is captured but someone's hair is blowing across their face. 

Avoid bringing purses, totes, dress loafers, cameras, and other items. They slow down the pace of photography, often are the way, easy to trip or trample on, and take away from your photography time. Also, leave phones and keys behind if you can. The outlines in your pocket show up in photos.

Recommended items are a small cloth that can be kept in a pocket and couple hair ties / clip for long hair. Areas with out much wind can be buggy. So you might consider spray for gnats. Generally, I keep a bottle in the back of the car as a back up measure.

What happens if it rains?

We never had an issue with accommodating a rescheduled shoot due to weather. If your vacation plans are flexible, finding an alternate time will not be a problem.

Coastal weather is pretty consistent in the summer. It will be generally hot, humid, with 12-15 mph winds on the beach. Once the weather becomes hot there is almost always a chance of afternoon pop up showers. Most of the time the rain never materializes. If rain looks unavoidable, you will be contacted as early as possible.

If you experience the very rare occasion where the rain never stops, you will have the choice to move indoors or opt for a full refund.

What's included?

All Portrait Packages except the 30 Minute Portrait provide 1 Hour of Photography and 8 Hours of Editing and Basic Retouching. While the photography session goes by quick, the computer editing is labor intensive. The multistep process adds value and quality to your finished photos. You will be presented with beautiful images that are easy to navigate and review.

Editing and Basic Retouching

Basic Editing and Retouching is included in every portrait package except the 30 Minute Portrait. It is a comprehensive service that selects the best images from your shoot and retouches all those selections.

All photos are captured in RAW file format. Images are fine tuned for exposure, color temperature, tint, contrast, highlights, shadows, whites, blacks, clarity, vibrance, saturation, orientation, dust spots, and cropping. Professionally editing a portrait a labor intensive but important part of the process.

Basic Retouching does not cover:  complex stray hair, complex skin glare, special skin conditions, tan lines from sunglasses, teeth whitening, complex glasses glare, squinting or closed eyes, head swaps, removing age and/or weight, adding or removing a person to photo.

Retouching services for items not covered by Basic Retouching is available.

What happens after portrait?

Photo shoots are edited and posted online in 2-4 weeks. Rush service is available if turnaround is urgent. Rush service rates are listed below. Your online images are handled by a professional online gallery service that provides security and privacy. Images can easily be shared with family and friends.

How do I buy digital photos?

Every client may purchase Digital Photos through the website. Files are sold in increments of 1, 3, 5, 10, 15, 20, or All Photos. The Royalty Free Copyright License covers unlimited printing and social media for personal use. Flexible buying options make it easier for you to control the cost. You will gain access to Photo/s and Copyright License after purchase.

What can I order after my shoot?

The following photography products may be ordered through your online gallery. Many products qualify for $22.95 Overnight shipping.

  • Downloadable Digital Photos
  • Custom Prints - Ilford Pearl finish
  • Custom Metallic Prints - Pearl finish
  • Greeting Cards Styles: Flat, Folded or Modern Pop Up - Includes envelopes - Many theme, quantity and size options
  • Showcase Prints available on Canvas, Acrylic, Aluminum, Metal Murals
  • Photo Books and Albums with many cover options
  • T-Shirts, Cami Strap Tanks, Sweaters, Aprons, Tote Bags
  • Dry Erase Calendars, Key Chains, Luggage Tags, Mugs
  • Mouse Pads, Coasters, Magnets, Cutting Boards, Playing Cards
    What are Turnaround Times?

    (Shipping Time is Not Included)

    Portrait Proofs: 2-4 Weeks

    Downloadable Digital Photos:  Same Day Access

    Custom Photo Prints:  7-10 business days

    Canvas Gallery Wraps:  7-10 business days

    Greeting Cards:  24-48 hours

    Do you offer Rush Service?

    Yes, rush service is offered in three different levels. Rush rates can be applied to photography services and custom prints. Orders most be approved to ensure deadline can be met. Service requires paid electronic invoice to commence work.

    • 48 hour turnaround - 50% Rush Charge
    • 24 hour turnaround - 100% Rush Charge
    • Same Day turnaround - 200% Rush Charge